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How to help us

Make a donation

Any individual can make a donation at any time to GIVE EUR-HOPE. This can be done, for example, through a bank transfer to GIVE EUR-HOPE’s bank account marked “donation”.

Link GIVE EUR-HOPE to important occasions in your life

Birth?  Marriage?  Anniversary?  Retirement?  Why not ask your nearest and dearest to donate what they were going to spend on flowers or presents to GIVE EUR-HOPE?


ING – 363-0849590-07

IBAN : BE74 3630 8495 9007


A receipt for tax purposes will be sent, on request, for any donation over €40.

Since the level of members’ subscriptions determines our ability to support projects, it is important for an Association such as ours to increase its membership.  A rough estimate shows that 20 new members would enable us to finance an additional micro project.

Help us to increase awareness of our Association amongst our colleagues by giving publicity to the initiatives which we are launching.  

Our own experience demonstrates that the best way to increase membership is by simply passing on our personal commitment to our closest colleagues.  We encourage all our members to do the same.

Working with us