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How does GIVE EUR-HOPE guarantee the effective use of its funds?

To start with, the Association’s internal Projects Working Group examines all requests to fund projects. It checks that the proposals meet our intervention criteria which are set out in a document available on the “submitting a project” page on this website. It also checks the references and experience of the group or NGO submitting the project and the reality of the needs to be met, for example by submitting estimates.

The second stage is to require all project applicants to sign a “commitment letter” before receiving financing for their project. The applicant, therefore, commits themselves to submit after one year a report, together with photographs and supporting documents, to GIVE EUR-HOPE on the outcome of the project.

The third stage is that these reports are analysed to check that the project has in fact been carried out satisfactorily. Future funding is, of course, dependent on this analysis being favourable.