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Why become a member?

The engine of our Association is a shared conscience with regard to issues of poverty and social exclusion in our societies and the desire to demonstrate solidarity with those living in these circumstances in EU countries.

GIVE EUR-HOPE calls on the generosity of EU staff to finance its projects. GIVE EUR-HOPE membership converts the concept of solidarity into reality through the financing of projects combating  poverty in favour of improved social integration.

GIVE EUR-HOPE also offers its members and their colleagues a guarantee of effective use of its funds through criteria defining its scope of intervention, openness with regard to the allocation of funds, follow-up of projects financed and the low management costs.  

Join GIVE EUR-HOPE!  The Association needs you!

How to become a member

All staff of the European Institutions and anyone sharing the Association’s views and aims can become a member.
Membership is acquired through a financial contribution to the Association’s activities equivalent to at least €10 a month.      



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On line application

Standing Order (docs)