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How to help us

Make a donation

Any individual can make a donation at any time to GIVE EUR-HOPE. This can be done, for example, through a bank transfer to GIVE EUR-HOPE’s bank account marked “donation”.

Link GIVE EUR-HOPE to important occasions in your life

Birth?  Marriage?  Anniversary?  Retirement?  Why not ask your nearest and dearest to donate what they were going to spend on flowers or presents to GIVE EUR-HOPE?



IBAN: BE43 5230 8136 5901 


Address: rue Haute 139/3, 1000 Brussels


A receipt for tax purposes will be sent, on request, for any donation over €40.

Working with us

The Association has set up 2 working groups: the Projects Group and the Communication Group.


On their receipt by the Association, all requests are examined and analysed by a group of evaluators (Projects Group).  This may take several weeks depending on the applicant being able to reply to any requests for additional information.  Following this analysis, the project is submitted for the Board’s approval.   The Project Group is then responsible for following up the project (follow-up report).  This Group is open to all members wishing to volunteer their services.


Awareness raising and the promotion of the Association’s visibility amongst EU staff is the responsibility of the Communication Group.  The organisation of conferences and information campaigns is aimed both at identifying the issues of poverty and recruiting new members.  This Group is also open to all and meets once a month.

If you are interested, do join us: the Association needs you