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Frequently Asked Questions

The Association Give Eur-Hope aims to promote, through concrete actions, the solidarity of EU staff with individuals, families or groups living in poverty and social exclusion in the European Union.

You can indeed make an appointment to meet one of us by sending an e-mail to our secretariat ( If you work in one of the European Institutions, you can contact directly one of the Board members from the following institutions:
European Commission: Dominique Levieil, Pascal Declaye, Sarah Ironside.

We are prepared to examine funding of a micro-project at any time. The “submitting a project” page on our website explains how to proceed.

To start with, the Association’s internal Projects Working Group examines all requests to fund projects. It checks that the proposals meet our intervention criteria which are set out in a document available on the “submitting a project” page on this website. It also checks the references and experience of the group or NGO submitting the project and the reality of the needs to be met, for example by submitting estimates.

The second stage is to require all project applicants to sign a “commitment letter” before receiving financing for their project. The applicant, therefore, commits themselves to submit after one year a report, together with photographs and supporting documents, to GIVE EUR-HOPE on the outcome of the project.

The third stage is that these reports are analysed to check that the project has in fact been carried out satisfactorily. Future funding is, of course, dependent on this analysis being favourable.

In order to become a member of GIVE EUR-HOPE, consult the “Become a member” page on this website.

Anyone sharing the Association’s views and aims is welcome to join us, although our communication and awareness activities target principally staff of the Institutions.

You can become a member by contributing the equivalent of a minimum of €10 a month.

We would certainly encourage you to remain a member and also to join one of our teams of volunteers in your valuable spare time.
Do not forget to give us your new address and private e-mail address when you do retire so that we can stay in touch with you, particularly if you leave Belgium We are, however, unable to send out our annual reports and invitations to general assemblies to postal addresses.

We would be grateful if you could make any gift payable to our bank account (TRIODOS BE43 5230 8136 5901) indicating that it is a gift so that we can identify it as such as opposed to an initial subscription following a new membership.

All our meetings are open to those wishing to learn about us or to take part as volunteers. For further information, it would be helpful if you contacted us in advance

GIVE EUR-HOPE is independent of any political, religious, or institutional links and has adopted the status of a non-profit making association (asbl) under Belgian law. It is not a European Institution body but is a privately constituted non-governmental organisation (NGO).
GIVE EUR-HOPE functions on a volunteer basis. Most of its members are active or retired staff of the European Institutions. Its rules are published in the “Moniteur Belge” and may be consulted on this site under documentation.