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Funded projects by year

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Welcome Babbelkot - An Unforgettable Day at the Brussels Comic Book Museum - 340,00€

Twenty-four children from very poor backgrounds were able to visit the Brussels Comic Book museum and participate in workshops.

Compagnons Dépanneurs – Purchase of a Van - 3000,00€

Compagnons Dépanneurs helps marginalized individuals to live in decent housing conditions by performing minor repair, renovation, or maintenance work in their homes. They have requested funding for a used van, primarily for moving purposes.

Renovassistance – Kitchens for Social Housing - 8000,00€

Renovassistance renovates dilapidated or abandoned buildings in the Brussels region and entrusts them to a social real estate agency that provides decent housing for financially disadvantaged individuals. They have requested funding for kitchen installations in one of their social housing units. The beneficiaries would be two families of 3 or 4 and a single person or a couple.


Teosis – Summer Camps - 2550,00€

The Bulgarian association Teosis has requested support for organizing a summer camp in nature with 40 children and young people from poor families and 20 young people living in orphanages to help them assume their responsibilities.

Roms Coppersmiths – Blacksmith Artisan Training - 5200,00€

The Roms Coppersmiths association, founded by young Roma individuals, has requested funding for the training of 20 young Roma individuals in the traditional Roma blacksmith art, to help them integrate the working world.


Utopia 56 – Acquisition of a second-hand vehicle - 5000,00€

Utopia 56 mission provides shelter, accommodation, and essential supplies to distressed exiled individuals. They have requested funding for the acquisition of a second-hand vehicle to address their displacement needs in support of these exiled individuals.

Réfugiés Bienvenue – Furnishing of Welcome Homes - 3000,00€

Réfugiés Bienvenue manages three welcome homes aimed at reintroducing communal living (including with financially disadvantaged French individuals) and a professional life for immigrants who have been granted refugee status. The request concerns the furnishing of one of these three homes.


RCHF - Timmy Mouse - 3800,00€

The Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF) has requested support for the distribution of a new educational book, covering various subjects (language, math, geography, and introduction to English), in kindergartens, hospitals, and placement institutions.