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Funded projects by year

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Solidarité Grands Froids – equipping of a reception centre and products for the homeless – Brussels - 4250,00€

The NGO Solidarité Grands Froids in Brussels, which helps people on the streets, has asked to finance the acquisition of computer equipment, a stock of hygiene and clothing products and the equipping of a shed to distribute these products to homeless people. The association requested 5,500€. The project is co-financed with 2,265€ raised through the Christmas collection of DG HR.

Renovassistance – renovation of kitchens – Jette - 7000,00€

Renovassistance is a non-profit association that renovates dilapidated or abandoned buildings in the Brussels Region, entrusting them to a social real estate agency that provides decent housing for people in financial difficulty. The association asked for 10,600€ to finance the renovation of kitchens in 3 apartments in a building with a garden. The Board agreed to finance 2 kitchens at 3,500€ each.

Ellen Schraudolph


We received a generous donation in memory of Ellen Schraudolph for her project GIVE EUR-HOPE. We warmly thank the donors and shall never forget Ellen’s smile and commitment.


ECCOFOR - Equipment for a training centre, Dole - 5000,00€

ECCOFOR is an employment-training association for young people who have dropped out of school seeking work in occupations in demand (car maintenance, metalworking and locksmithing). The association requested 5,000€ for computer equipment.