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Funded projects by year

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Les Petits Riens - Renovation of the social restaurant - Belgium (Brussels) - €5.000

Every year "Les Petits Riens" helps some 1,500 vulnerable people to rebuild their lives through access to shelter, employment and financial or other support. Thanks to the recycling of used clothes and the reuse of abandoned objects, this charity supports social integration and vocational training of low-skilled people. In this framework, they have set up a reception house with a social restaurant that serves some 220 hot meals every day to homeless individuals and helps some of them back into the labor market. As part of the renovation of this restaurant, Give Eur Hope has financed the € 5,000 needed to purchase an electric skillet.

Compagnons dépanneurs - Do-it-yourself and gardening tools - Belgium (Liège) - €2,000

« Les compagnons dépanneurs » is a charity which promotes housing through plumbing, electricity, or other repairs, to help disadvantaged people in exchange of a modest contribution to material costs, as it provides labor for free. Give Eur Hope gave them € 2,000 to renew their tools and expand their activities into gardening.

Roots to Grow - Learning Materials - Belgium (Brussels) – €6,000

« Au fil de l'enfance » is a charity which promotes better living together for different generations and cultures of populations subject to social exclusion. Its "Roots to Grow" project invites children from schools in Molenbeek, Schaerbeek and Saint-Josse to explore their roots and to present them in their school.

Renovassistance – Kitchen renovation in a social housing project-Belgium (Brussels) – €7,200

Renovassistance is a non-profit organization that renovates dilapidated or abandoned buildings in Brussels region, to entrust them to a Social Real Estate Agency which provides decent housing to people in financial difficulties. Give Eur Hope donated 7,200 € for the renovation of two kitchens in a social housing near Schaerbeek station.


ATD Fourth World - Workshop on the fight against extreme poverty-Hungary (Budapest) – €7,500

The international movement "Act All for Dignity" (ATD Fourth World) is a charity dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty. Give Eur Hope has contributed 7,500 € to the financing of a series of workshops and meetings between people and associations fighting poverty on the one hand in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania in particular) and on the other hand in Western Europe (Belgium, France and United Kingdom).


RCHF- 2018 Summer Camps - Romania (North East Region) - €1,805

In 2018, the Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF), a Dutch charity active in Northeastern Romania, the poorest region of the country, received € 1,805 to organize three 5-day summer camps for 75 children. These children come from very poor families or have been placed in institutions following abuse in their families.

St John Bosco Foundation - Summer Camp - Romania (South Moldova) - €4.000

The Saint John Bosco Foundation (Fundatia Sfantul Ioan Bosco) is dedicated to improving the living conditions of children and teenagers from families living below the minimum subsistence level in the Bacau region of South Moldova. Give Eur Hope contributed € 4,000 to their organizing cultural training sessions during the summer holiday period for the benefit of 150 children and teenagers.


Centro Joven Tetuan - Summer Camp -Spain (Madrid). €1,000

The Tetuan Youth Center is supported by the Caritas association. It works with marginalized youth in a poor district of Madrid. Give Eur Hope contributed € 1,000 to their organizing a summer camp for 35 young people, in the countryside north of Madrid.