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Funded projects by year

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Our Infrastructure - 1208,40€

In cooperation with 'NASCI' vzw

NASCI is a diverse, multi-cultural organization helping children in the Brussels region. Its aim is to prevent children from living in unacceptable conditions, bearing in mind that in Brussels one child in two lives below the poverty line. They are based in a former warehouse which they own. It is visited daily by at least 20 women and their children. The building needs a certain number of repairs (mainly carpentry work) to the front door and to some windows at the front and rear. Invoices for a total of €1,208.40 have been submitted.

Odd Jobs, In cooperation with 'Espace Social TELESERVICE' (Belgium) - 4750,00€

Espace Social Télé-Service has existed for more than 50 years and it aims to help deprived people and families by restoring or reinforcing their dignity. Amongst its activities, EST has set up a project to clean up and restore accommodation and organize low-cost moves to better housing (300 sites a year). Work is carried out by a team of disadvantaged young people with the aim of tackling school dropouts and to train them for qualified work. The van which they used was stolen. EST requested help to buy a replacement second-hand van.

Replacement of a boiler - 1978,05€

In cooperation with 'L’ILOT'

The Clos Centre provides a welcome and rest area where meals can also be served. Showers and washing machines for the homeless are also provided. The boiler which supplies hot water for the 6 showers, bathrooms and kitchen is out of order and GEH has been asked to finance its replacement.

Provision of mattresses for "Charleroi Family Hostel" asbl (Belgium) - 3400,00€

Without additional funding to that provided by the Wallonia Region (salaries et operating costs), it would be impossible to maintain a project in the heart of Charleroi dedicated to offering shelter to those in great distress. These are the victims of galloping poverty in the region who cannot be left out in the street, particularly in winter. In order to provide a reasonable welcome for them GEH has financed, in co-operation with the EC’s Local Staff Committee, the purchase of 25 mattresses and 5 bunk beds for young children to ensure essential comfort and hygiene requirements. This project has been financed thanks to the generous donation of the collection "Grand Froid 12".

Creation of an internet site and informatics workshop (Never without a Roof) - 4780,00€

In cooperation with "Jamais sans Toit" asbl

The project has a dual aim: to provide the Association with a website and to launch a web workshop for residents in the street. Training will be given on the use and maintenance of the website and help with its management through the publication of articles blogs and fora. The budget provides €3,500 for the site development (financing from another partner), €1,700 for the purchase of material and €3,080 for maintenance costs by paid experts.

At School with the ULB Roma children, Brussels (Belgium) - 4500,00€

In cooperation with "Karousel" asbl

This project targets homeless Roma families who fled their own countries (mainly Slovakia) because of poverty and discrimination and who were temporarily housed in ULB property before their eviction on 1 July 2012. The project, in collaboration with the asbl Karousel, aims to prepare for schooling 11 children from 10-16 years old who have had little or no education.  This is through multi-disciplinary workshops and helping them with school registration procedures. The project has been financed in association with colleagues from the Schuman Trophy and the participation of colleagues who took part in the Brussels 20km race.


Roms Coppersmiths - 5000,00€

In cooperation with 'Coppersmith’s Trade-Traditions and Perspectives'

The project aims to integrate Roma into civil society and to provide training in the treatment of copper and the manufacture of craft items. 20 unemployed young people will be trained by experienced artisans to acquire both a trade and to promote traditional skills. A permanent exhibition of these items will also be organized which will give visibility to their activities and show these young people that they have a real possibility to integrate society. €7,640 was requested.

Insulation of a Medical Centre - 6000,00€

In cooperation with 'ADRA'

This project involved the insulation of a medical centre. Damp in the walls had meant that the centre no longer met hygiene standards for multiple occupancy, particularly in winter when it was partially used to house Roma families. Medical treatment could, therefore, be carried out in greatly improved conditions. GEH was asked to provide €6,000.00 of the total budget of €10,000.00, the difference being paid by the applicant.


Development of a farm and its conversion into a centre for disadvantaged families - 6452,80€

In cooperation with "Nomme Child Welfare Organisation"

The project aims to improve the distribution of drinking water on the farm by drilling wells, installing  piping, a pump and a tank to collect used water.


Musical education for children

In cooperation with 'Frauenhilfe Frankfurt'

Music lessons are provided to young girls from deprived backgrounds in order to stimulate their creativity, give them confidence and put them in touch with children of the same age. This helps their gradual reintegration to society. The applicant finances the lessons and has asked GEH to help with buying instruments. These will be given to the students when they have sufficiently mastered their instrument.

GEH decided to finance a 10-day workshop and the acquisition of a musical instrument for 2,750.00 


Pedagogy of Cultural Rights - 3200,00€

In cooperation with "Blue Drum"

The Organisation “Blue Drum” (trade name of  Arts Specialist Support Agency) is one of 5 support agencies set up by the Irish Government’s  Family Support Agency.  Blue Drum seeks to promote cultural and artistic events in order to encourage the most disadvantaged local communities to become aware of their marginalisation and their right of cultural expression. GEH’s contribution will fund the organisation of activities (circles) and artists’ salaries. 


Purchase of sports equipment for children in a Romanian village - 1000,00€

In cooperation with the "Romanian Children’s Humanitarian Foundation"

This project involves furnishing sports equipment for children living in a rural village in Romania. There are no leisure facilities in the village and after school the children could only play on the streets or spend time in cafés (alcohol, smoking, vandalism). Table tennis tables, basket ball sets, etc have been purchased in order to organise activities in local school hall. The children will now have organised sports and other activities. The same school is only heated by wood burning stoves. The wood had to be cut by the teachers with a hand saw. Funding was approved to buy a chain-saw. This project has been financed thanks to the generous donation of the AST group of the Commission's DG MARE.

More information:

Stichting Romanian Children’s Humanitarian Foundation Newsletter, Spring 2012