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Funded projects by year

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L'Ilot – Emergency escape door and ladder in a shelter for homeless people - 6000,00€

This project involves funding an emergency door and a ladder with a walkway for evacuation in case of fire, in a temporary shelter for homeless people. This new shelter was acquired following a fire in the Jumet house.

Welcome Babbelkot – A day in Pairi Daiza - 1250,00€

The purpose of the non-profit organisation Welcome-Babbelkot is to integrate families in precarious situations and to promote intercultural cohabitation, in a neighbourhood whose population is of emigrant origin and in social and financial precariousness. It requested funding for the visit of 25 disadvantaged children to Pairi Daiza, during their summer camp whose theme will be the animal world.


Bio-B-Eko – Purchase of a second-hand vehicle to help vulnerable people in isolated mountain villages - 6500,00€

The Bulgarian association Bio-B-Eko has requested funding for a used off-road vehicle to assist vulnerable people living in isolated and difficult to reach mountain villages.

ASD - Virtual consultations for pregnant women and young Roma mothers - Plovdiv - 5120,00€

The Bulgarian foundation TSA (Trust for Social Achievement) has requested  7,670 € to organise virtual consultations by nurses and midwives for pregnant women and mothers of small children (up to 2 years) in Roma communities that are particularly isolated due to the pandemic. The request concerns the purchase for one year of the internet connection for the 60 women beneficiaries. The contract with the supplier provides for the distribution of a tablet free of charge. The advice will be done through videos, given the low level of literacy. 


ESF – Intervention Ukraine Supply of solar lamps and chargers - 5000,00€

Electriciens sans Frontières, an NGO under French law, is preparing to intervene and is mobilizing volunteers and partners to provide support in neighbouring countries where Ukrainian refugees are heading.

An intervention aimed at the electrical security of buildings transformed into places of accommodation, the power supply of camps and hospital structures as well as the response to the electrical needs of NGOs established locally in bordering countries

Utopia 56 – Purchase of a vehicle to help exiled people – France (North) - 5200,00€

The Utopia 56 Association's mission is to meet the needs of exiled and isolated people on the French-English sea border by welcoming, accommodating and offering basic services. The support of 5,200€ will go towards the purchase of a used vehicle to travel daily to the beneficiaries' places of life.


Argo Medical Solidarity for Greece – Kalamoudi Health Centre – Greece (Euboea) - 3000,00€

The association "Argo Medical Solidarity for Greece" has received a contribution of 3,000€ to repair the health centre of Kalamoudi  (Euboea)  following the fires of the summer of 2021. It is a region with little tourism with a lower than average standard of living. 


RCHF – Summer Camps - 3600,00€

Funding for 65 children from families too poor to go on vacation to participate to mountain camps. Food and replacement of 4 defective tents are included.

RCHF – Portable Toilets - 1500,00€

The Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF) has requested funding for portable toilets for 60 people, in rural villages, who have difficulty accessing outdoor toilets.

RCHF – Timmy Mouse - 4000,00€

The Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF) has requested 4,000 € to print 3,000 copies of a new children's book, "Timmy Mouse and the Grumbling Cloud". It has a lot of creative elements that the teacher can use. It also allows children to learn simple words and phrases in English. This book is likely to contribute to the social integration of these children who live in great poverty.