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Funded projects by year

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Securing the Marguerite Welcome Centre - Liege - 9376,00€

A project co-financed by GIVE EUR-HOPE and AFILIATYS

The association La Marguerite asbl took its name from the Liège district of Sainte Marguerite, where it has been based for several years. This area has faced a profound socio-economic decline since the early 1970s. Most of the children and adolescents in La Marguerite live in precarious conditions and receive significant help from the applicant. This support takes various forms: as an approved school for homework, school accompaniment and remediation workshops for children and teenagers; as a local integration initiative providing courses in French as a foreign language and literacy as well as citizen orientation workshops for adults and generally providing a front-line welcome for people in social, economic or moral difficulties through listening and providing advice and guidance Following a visit by the Liège Fire Department, the building is no longer compliant to accommodate the public, which would result in not only the loss of 11 jobs but also a loss of social ties for the inhabitants of the already socially fragile neighbourhood and a probable increased school dropout rate for many children and adolescents. This is the first project to be funded jointly under the Memorandum of Understanding between GIVE EUR-HOPE and AFYLIATIS. Each will provide 4,688€ towards securing the property.

Covid-19 - 2000,00€

As a mark of solidarity the Board of Directors decided that GIVE EUR-HOPE should provide 1,000€ each in support to the Belgian associations Infimiers de Rue and UNLESS asbl.

Notre Abri – Replacement of flooring - Belgium (Brussels) - 2500,00€

Notre Abri cares young children from families in great difficulty. It houses 64 children who have been entrusted to it by the Youth Service or the Youth Court. This association requested the intervention of GIVE EUR-HOPE which awarded it 2,500€ for the replacement of the flooring of 7 living units in the house. RTBF 

Renovassistance - Renovation of 2 kitchens - Belgium (Molenbeek) - 7000,00€

Renovassistance is a non-profit organisation that renovates dilapidated or abandoned buildings in Brussels region, to entrust them to a Social Real Estate Agency which provides decent housing to people in financial difficulties. GIVE EUR-HOPE provided 7,000€ towards the renovation of two kitchens in the multi-cultural area of Molenbeek.


Hair dressing course for Roma minority in Sofia - 2260,00€

Stoyanka Sokolova 1999 is a cultural and educational centre in the Roma district of Faculteta that supports the civil education of the Roma community through providing arts and cultural related programmes which enhance the dissemination of the Roma cultural traditions. GIVE EUR-HOPE is supporting with 2,260€ the provision of an educational hairdresser course for 10 Roma people for 300 hours (theoretical 120, practical 180). After finishing the hairdressers course and passing the theoretical and practical exams, the beneficiaries will be provided with official certificates which will allow them to start their own business or to work in an existing hair salon.

Teosis Summer Camps - Bulgaria - 3000,00€

Teosis Summer Camps, Bulgaria which aims to integrate disadvantaged people has been awarded 3,000€ for the organisation of a summer camp in the mountains with children and young people who are either from large single-parent families, orphans, abandoned or extremely poor, in order to develop their skills. It plans to organize such camps for the next two years

Cedar Foundation - Underprivileged Youth Support Programme - Bulgaria (Kazanlak) - 5000,00€

The Cedar Foundation is a Bulgarian NGO that develops alternatives for young orphans from state institutions. It has already been subsidised by GEH in 2014 for specialized physiotherapy equipment, and in 2017 for the development of 24 children and young people, poor and partially mentally or cognitively disabled, through occupational and artistic therapy. GIVE EUR-HOPE agreed to provide 5,000€ to a personal development project for 12 disadvantaged teenagers who are housed in a home because of abandonment or serious violence in their families

Bio-B-Eco - Firewood Splitting Machines - Bulgaria (Borino) - 2400,00€

The NGO Bio-B-Eco focuses on improving the wider environment in the village of Borino, located in a poor region in southeastern Bulgaria (Smolyan) which has a largely elderly population due to the emigration of young people from the area. GIVE EUR-HOPE agreed to provide 2,400€ for the purchase of two log-splitting machines of different sizes to facilitate the supply of firewood for the winter as well as the purchase of a drill to maintain the fences. After the payment was received, the association asked to use the amount awarded differently: to buy a cheaper log splitter and, with the difference, buy a chainsaw. This change has been accepted.

Roma- Coppersmiths - Introduction to Expression by Theatre - Bulgaria (Shumen) - 4100,00€

The Roma-Coppersmiths association, founded by young Roma and located in the north-east of Bulgaria, aims to help Roma integrate. It has been awarded 4,100€ by GIVE EUR-HOPE to develop training on expression by theatre for 20 Roma children and their families. It is hoped that the participants will become ambassadors for new cultural values in their community.

Caritas Sofia - Mobile medical care - Bulgaria (Sofia) - 5000,00€

Caritas Sofia offers services, especially for the homeless. It has established long-term contacts with beneficiaries based on trust, support and mutual respect. GIVE EUR-HOPE allocated 5,000€ for a mobile medical service for the homeless who are not covered by the Bulgarian health system.


The RCHF Foundation Outing Days for Underprivileged Children - Romania - 150,00€

The RCHF (Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation) has received 150€ to fund two days of outings for underprivileged children, as the camp planned under a previous project cannot take place due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

RCHF - Solar Lamps – Romania - 1000,00€

The RCHF Foundation (Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation). GIVE EUR-HOPE has committed 1,000€ to fund 28 solar lamp kits for families too poor to pay for an electricity connection.

RCHF - Summer Camps - Romania (North East) - 2000,00€

The RCHF (Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation) received 2,000€ from GIVE EUR-HOPE towards this year’s summer camps.