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Funded projects by year

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Welcome room equipment – Flemish Refugee Action - 5100,00€

FRA provides a welcome service for refugees wishing to apply for asylum at the Immigration Office. They are offered hot soup and coffee and given the information needed for their application and other services (housing, counseling, etc.). The request is for the replacement of equipment at the centre. This project has been financed thanks to the generous donation of AFILIATYS.

Infrastructure – NASCI - Brussels - 1500,00€

Founded in December 2003, Nasci is a pluralistic and multicultural organization active in the Brussels region whose aim is to help children. The building is an old warehouse that belongs to the association and welcomes on a daily basis at least twenty women and their children. Proper maintenance of the building requires the replacement of the electrical system in the basement which stores the material and equipment to help the families.

This project was funded in cooperation with C.L.E.F. ASBL (Cercle des Loisirs de l'Enfant et de la Famille des Institutions de l'Union européenne). C.L.E.F. contribution amounts to 922,29 €.

Workshops - CEFA - Brussels - 1920,00€

In cooperation with the 'Institut de la Providence - CEFA'

CEFA in Anderlecht is situated in the Cureghem neighbourhood, which is one of the toughest in the district, with a population of young people with difficult family and social situations. The project aims to encourage school attendance when absenteeism is rife and to develop critical and creative talents. This involves creating a multi-disciplinary show (French songs, techno, graphics, photography, theatre, cooking, journalism). The total cost is €8,280 part of which is financed by the applicant and sponsors. GEH has been asked to provide €600 for buying material for the photography workshops, graphics (paper) and cooking (market purchases) and €1,920 for staff for the French song and techno workshops. This project has been financed in cooperation with the AST group of the Commission’s DG MARE.


Setting up an Integration Centre - Future for Krepost - Krepost - 2150,00€

Various ethnic groups make up the village of Krepost (in southern Bulgaria): the Roma Kopanari (of Romanian origin) suffer from isolation and rejection. The project involves 18 training sessions for 25 children aged 8-15 years old: sex education, disease prevention, hygiene, school work, and including meeting teachers from vocational schools. Some work is needed at the welcome centre: replacing a floor and a door, as well as the purchase of furniture, school books and some other equipment.


Training for homeless women - Galway Simon Community - Galway - 5850,00€

The Simon Community in Galway (west of Ireland) requests funding to provide training for 30 homeless women. Collective and individual training courses will provide the women with psychological and intellectual resources to promote better integration and protection in their domestic and social life.

Renovating the roof of a shelter - Athlone (Ireland) - 6000,00€

Esker House is the only shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence in the Athlone area (in the centre of Ireland). The centre provides a welcome point and shelter for victims in the medium and long term. This project has been financed in cooperation with the AST group of the Commission’s DG MARE.


Hairdressers for a food bank - Matchpoint - Amersfoort - 750,00€

Matchpoint in Amersfoort (a town between Utrecht and Amsterdam) is an association which tries to support local projects that tackle social issues. The aim of this project is to install a hair salon in a food bank, open twice a week, where people can have their hair done for free by two professional hairdressers. The amount requested covers the purchase of two second-hand seats (with booster seats for children), two large mirrors, a linoleum floor covering and other small equipment.


Sports équipement - Wanda Garczymska - Walbrzych - 4000,00€

La région de Walbrzych est une des plus pauvres en Pologne. Suite à une fermeture de mines, 20.000 personnes se sont retrouvées dans une situation précaire. Wanda Garczymska accueille des enfants qui n’ont pas d’alternative à la rue. Le projet vise à renforcer l’activité par la mise en place d’un centre sportif. Il comporte trois parties : achat d’équipement sportif, rénovation de la salle de sport, remplacement d’un terrain (le financement sera demandé à NATO Charity Bazar). La demande de soutien à GEH concerne le premier volet du projet, d’un montant de 6,000.00 €, avec contribution de la Fondation de 1,400.00 €. Ce projet a été financé grâce au don généreux de Femmes d'Europe.


Street Food - Frères Europa - Satu Mare - 2670,00€

Since 1991, the association “Europa Brothers” has been active in the region of Satu Mare (north-west Romania). Its activities are focused on disadvantaged young people from orphanages. The Fast-food street project was a success, but needs to be improved, especially with regard to energy expenditure and mobility. The request is funding for a van and equipment. The total project cost is estimated at € 24,320 for which Europa Brothers received two other promises of financing: Emmaüs €18,000 and Michelin €2,500. This project has been financed in cooperation with the AST group of the Commission’s DG COMP.

Equipment for a mixed-aged centre - RCHF - North-east Romania - 3455,00€

In cooperation with 'RCHF'

The project aims to equip a mixed-age centre in the area of Ciocanesti which was kindly made available to the applicant by the mayor of the commune with a view to distancing children from the streets and to give pensioners a meeting place to their mutual benefit. The request was for the supply of furniture and maintenance equipment.

Download RCHF's testimony (PDF 46Ko)