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Funded projects by year

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Provision of mattresses - L’ILOT asbl - Brussels - 3613,00€

The "L’Ilot" association is well known for its commitment to the poor and was funded by GEH in 2011 and 2012. The current project, called "S .Ac.A.Do", is based on the observation that homeless people who are relocated but unaccompanied, often face difficulties that result in them returning to the streets. The mission of L’Ilot is to accompany them during the time needed to become self-sufficient. After more than 2 years experience the success rate was 95%. Management of the rental housing agreements is looked after by a social Real Estate Agency. Furniture is available but L’Ilot has to take care of bedding, the cost of which amounts to € 3 613 for 25 mattresses, 30 blankets and anti-inflammable cushions. This project was funded thanks to proceeds from “Operation Grand Froid 2014”.

Renovation of 5 kitchen – Renovassistance asbl - Brussels - 8500,00€

The association "Renovassistance" was funded by GEH in 2011. It renovates housing for particularly disadvantaged families. This new application is for the renovation of five kitchen blocks in a long leased property for very disadvantaged families. This project was funded thanks to proceeds from the 2014 Ekiden Marathon.

Creation of a multipurpose room – OASIS asbl - Brussels - 3800,00€

Oasis is present in 10 countries worldwide and is designed to meet the practical needs of the poor. Oasis Belgium works in direct cooperation with local NGOs on the social integration of beneficiaries. The school “La Sagesse” was selected for funding. The current dining hall requires a total transformation including a boiler, toys and some equipment. This project was funded thanks to proceeds from the Schuman Trophy and the AST Network in DG Competition of the Commission.


Renovation of kitchens – Resto du Cœur - Brussels - 7560,00€

The Resto du Cœur is located in Laeken which has a high, long-term unemployment rate, especially among young people. The restaurant is open to all, to avoid stigmatising the poor. However, people on the lowest incomes receive a discount and some pay nothing. Due to an increasing number of clients, there is a lack of space and outdated kitchen equipment. The overall project - € 192 560 - is largely self-financed and benefits from a partnership with the CPAS of Brussels and other donors. GEH is paying the remaining costs. This project was funded thanks to proceeds from the 2013 Ekiden Marathon.

Social integration – Centre Social du Béguinage - Brussels - 2500,00€

Due to its location in the district of Béguinage, where a relatively large proportion of immigrants live, the Centre has naturally looked after newly-arrived foreigners. Not only are French language courses in short supply but they are also not very accessible to people without papers. There are problems of illiteracy, poverty, insecurity and marginalization. The project consists of several components designed to give up to 200 participants the tools necessary for individual and collective empowerment to promote their independence and a better understanding of their rights as citizens. The Centre recently faced cuts to its public funding and needs support for travel costs and advertising infrastructure.

Replacement of a boiler – Foyer Familial - Charleroi - 4800,00€

GEH already funded the Foyer in 2012. The new block built in the garden features 9 bedrooms, bathrooms, a living community, a kitchen and a meeting room. It can sleep up to 30 people at a time, comprising single-mothers and their children or single women. It has a 200 liter gas boiler, almost 30 years old and which has leaking pipes which had to be disconnected from the network. The water needs have increased since 1985 and are no longer sufficient. As a result, it was decided to install a 500L electric boiler.


Renovation of a welcome centre for the disabled – DIOGENES - Brashlen - 3700,00€

The Diogenes association, founded in 1975, is renovating a house for disabled poor people looked after by the Bulgarian Association "Green Bridges". The latter was founded in 2004 and operates in the area north of Ruse in Bulgaria and has been working with Diogenes since 2008, when the Bulgarian government stopped funding institutions dealing with disabled people. "Green Bridges" allows people with a disability – whose poor families cannot support them - to find refuge in a safe house, which must, however, be up to standard to receive a license. This project was financed in cooperation with the AST group of DG MARE in the Commission.

Insulation of social housing – ADRA - Sofia - 3800,00€

The project involved the outer insulation of two blocks of social housing with polymer panels, thereby reducing energy consumption - reduction in management costs - as well as providing easier maintenance (water only).

Physiotherapy equipment for disabled poor people – CEDAR Foundation - Sofia - 4800,00€

The Cedar Foundation, established in Bulgaria since 2005, sought the support of GEH for specialized physiotherapy equipment in a shelter run disabled, poor people


Renovation of laundry facilities for the homeless – UWAH - Crete - 7000,00€

The Union of Women's Associations in Heraklion asked GEH to support the renovation of a laundry that cleans clothes and blankets at a day centre for the homeless in Heraklion. The centre also provides primary health care, psychological support and information. The renovation work involves mainly the purchase of three washing machines.


Social integration – IL GRAFO - Milan - 2520,00€

The target group consists of foreign women on low incomes who, after finishing their training at the ITAMA school for foreigners, still find themselves socially excluded. The project aims to offer them the opportunity to meet with other women – both foreign and Italian - and increase their level of social integration. In cooperation with other organizations, they will receive training in literacy, health and the labour market. The overall cost of the project amounts to € 7 388. GEH will cover the training costs of one expert, or € 2,520 for 42 two-hour meetings. Other costs (€ 4,868) such as salaries and material are covered by Il Grafo.


Summer Camp – RCHF – North-east Romania - 3160,00€

GEH has already twice funded RCHF. On this occasion it will finance equipment for a summer camp attended by 60-80 children and a youth club. The project concerns the purchase of tents, cooking equipment, chairs, tables and board games.