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Funded projects by year

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Summer camp - Babbelkot - 400,00€

Babbelkot, which organises integration activities for disadvantaged people in Etterbeek, was granted 400 € by GIVE EUR-HOPE for the participation of 25 children in a summer camp. The theme of this camp will be the construction of a city by budding architects.


Education for All - ATD Fourth World - Plovdiv - 7500,00€

The International Movement ATD Fourth World is an NGO that strives to eradicate extreme poverty. It received 7,500€ from GIVE EUR-HOPE to help finance a workshop between people and associations fighting poverty in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania in particular) to identify and understand the obstacles that prevent children from going to school, from a school located in a disadvantaged district of Plovdiv, where three ATD volunteers have been involved for more than 3 and a half years. This workshop should contribute to the recognition of parents as actors and partners for their children's academic success.

Open Eyes - Psychosocial Rehabilitation - Varna - 5600,00€

GIVE EUR-HOPE provided the Open Eyes association with 5,600€ to rehabilitate people addicted to psychoactive substances for their social integration and to help their families. Most of these people are homeless. The programme will be carried out with a therapeutic community of doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists.


Educational Books for Underprivileged Children - North East Romania - 3100,00€

RCHF (Romanian Children Humanitarian Fund) was awarded 3,100€ by GIVE EUR-HOPE for the printing of educational textbooks that will incorporate the various books produced as well as a new, more suitable exercise books for underprivileged children in Romania's poorest region. These books will be distributed in kindergartens, hospitals and orphanages that do not have them to stimulate the learning and development of these young children.

RCHF - Supply of solar light kits - Suceava, North East Region - 1000,00€

Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF) has received a co-funding of € 1,000 for solar light kits adapted to the needs of the inhabitants of an isolated village in the Suceava department of Romania. In total, 137 families now have access to electricity that they could not afford previously due to their limited financial means. This will also reduce the risk of domestic fires due to the use of candles and lanterns.

RCHF - Three-year partnership for summer camps for children: 2019 - North East Region - 2000,00€

Given the success of the summer camps of the previous years, Give Eur Hope has made the commitment to fund three new series of camps run by RCHF (Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation) in 2019, 2020 and 2021 to a maximum amount of 2,000€ per year. In 2019, the opportunity to participate in a 5-day camp was thus offered to three groups of 25 children from very disadvantaged families in the region, including children victims of domestic violence.